Eve Online – Top 10 Tips for New Players

Hey guys, how’s it going you Pro guys coming at you with our first video ever, and I’m super excited in this video

We’ll be discussing the top 10 ten tips and tricks for new players to EVE Online

I was looking around on YouTube, and I noticed a serious lack of tips and tricks for new players

And that’s why I’m here. A little bit of background about myself- I started playing my main character FallenXion on

September 10th 2014, and I was a complete newbie

I didn’t know how to even jump from gate to gate much less find my way to a major trade hub

But I’m going to talk to you about all that stuff right here right now. All right guys. Let’s dive right on it

Let’s talk about tip number one. You’ve all heard this before it’s the golden rule for EVE Online

Only undock which you can afford to lose! Once you undock your ship you gotta consider that it’s already been a loss

because anything can happen in EVE Online, it’s

It’s a fast-paced game sometimes like especially when you get out of it out there in the world and go to low sec/null sec

so you don’t have any idea what’s gonna happen and what’s right around the corner waiting for you on the other side of

that gate

But yeah just be prepared and if you’re prepared for anything, then it won’t be a big deal if you lose your ship

Alright guys tip number two learn how to make a lot a lot of risk in this game

Isk it’s very very important

And I know it’s coming tough to make it

By far the easiest and the best way that I’ve found is to learn how to do station trading

You’re gonna buy low and sell

high and

You and where I usually started as like faction ammo because it’s a low entry point and it looks like they have a pretty good

Margin here going on to go to the graph

You can kind of see this like donchian channel here

And it’s a little bit wider so that means that the buy order is less than the sell order any

Let me jump to it here, and we can see that that’s the case

Just make sure that you’re sorted by the highest buy price

And the lowest sell price you can adjust that by clicking these little arrows here next to the price

So once you see that there’s a good opportunity and on market go ahead and click place buy order

And then you’ll make it one ISK above this

highest by order so I’m going to do

509.05 isk and I’m going to buy 1000 units or try to of this

Republic fleet fusion medium ammo and

when somebody sells it straight to a buy order I’ll

Get it, and then I’ll turn around go in my inventory and just resell it for the lowest sell order price

But yeah, so it doesn’t look like a lot of money right now, but it adds up quick

Hey guys tip number three here. Is don’t ever autopilot your ship. I’m about to do it, but don’t do yourselves

It’s a good way to get your ship blown up for some reason people love to

To blow up afk ships in this game so do yourself favor and don’t autopilot. when I was a noob

I had no idea that you could do anything beside autopilot your ship

And my CEO was wondering why I was taking me 40 minutes to go 4 jumps, and I had no idea

Why but uh hey, I’m going to show you how to just jump straight to the gate

After we land from autopilot a really big disadvantage of auto-piloting as well is

Whenever you land on the gate you land

About 15 kilometers away from it. I’ll show you right here

Yeah, so we landed about 15 kilometers away from this gate

So we’re gonna have to burn to this gate to jump through so there goes approaching it

So we’re just gonna head and stop our ships and as soon as we stop. It’s gonna disengage the autopilot and

we’re gonna see if we can just right-click on a Stargate and

Jump through to that, so we’re just gonna right-click on it and then warp to zero and instead of auto-piloting

So just right-click warp to zero

We’re gonna go ahead and let that warp

And then once we land at zero

We’re just gonna go ahead and jump on through and nobody will be the wiser and nobody trying to mess with us

So here we go just jump on through once you’ve warped to zero

A lot quicker a lot easier guys, and you get to keep a ship

Alright guys tip number four this is kind of a weird one, but trust me. It’s kind of important

The tip is to learn the four major trade hubs so right now. I’m sitting in the biggest trade hub by far

by like billions and billions and billions of isk can go through this and probably trillions of isk go through the station every day

It’s just crazy

Like this is we want to be if you want to do station trading if you want to get the best prices on

everything in the game

Find your way to Jita

4 moon 4 Caldari navy assembly plant and the biggest trade out by far the second one is Amarr

Let’s go ahead and show you that one. This guy right here. Amarr trade post

Just right-click show info. This is the second biggest trade hub

if you just want to

Station trade without a lot of competition go here. If you are already in Amarr space this is a great place to go pick up

necessary items and equipment

This the third one on the list is do dixie

Right here the Dodixie 9 moon 20 Federation Navy’s assembly plant. This is another great space

I think this is where you’ll land near this one if you’re a challenge character

I would head like straight to do dixie

Buy your first few items. It’s great, and I think they have a ton of different

Missions here, you can just start doing level one missions or whatever you want

But they should have everything that you need to get started doing whatever you need to do

The fourth one is Rens

right here Rens

6 moon 8 Brutor Tribe Treasury

This is another great station if you’re in Minmatar space you see the Brutor here member of miniature Republic

they should have everything you need so you could just

Go here if you’re a miniature character. You can go and open your

People in places and you can type Rens

V i

capital i

– moon

8 and then click search and

Then I’ll pull it right up here and then right-click on it set destination and you can fly straight there from wherever you are

So hopefully that helps you guys out and once you get in the major trade hubs. It’s gonna make a lot of life a lot easier

Station trading, getting some money or just getting some items that you need so you can start your missions or whatever you need to do

alright guys tip number five is;

Use good fittings for your ship.

And I’m gonna show you exactly how to do it and do it easy


I’m gonna make the

Magnate; it’s one of my favorite ships ever I used it so much when I was a new player in the game

and I’m gonna show you exactly how to

Fit up this magnate right here. this magnate for exploration advanced cuz I’m sure you’re gonna be interested in it

It’s a great way to make quick is in the game once you learn how to do it

So the first thing you have to do you’re gonna go to

EFT gonna copy all this information right here right-click on it and copy

Okay, then we’re gonna go to our ship fitting window which is right here. This little circle with a symbol in the middle

I’m gonna open it up

It’s gonna pull up our current fitting and we’re gonna go to the gear here. If you don’t see this window

That’s alright you probably clicked either one the skins or the Wrench icon, and then we’re going to go to

import/export we’re going to go to

import from clipboard

Paste everything that we copied from the Eve Uni site right here, and then we’re going to go ahead and save this fit

Click Save right here, and then it’s gonna pop up

Hopefully well were going to need search magnate right here in our sign our fit search

We’re gonna expand the magnates’ tree and there it is right there exploration advance same thing

And then a cool feature that they added is that you can click here, and this open multi-buy and it’s gonna

It’s gonna pull up everything you need to buy it, and if it’s available in the station you’re in

It’ll pop up here, and it’ll start populating

And I’ll show you the entire cost here at the bottom. You’re gonna click buy. It’s gonna buy all that stuff

We’re gonna go to our inventory here the little box

Go to our ship hangar

Find our magnate that we just bought right-click on it and multi-fit exploration advanced

And then we’re gonna go to have two magnates

So I need to go down one

So that it detects that I have fittings for just one of them one of them

And then we are just going to click ‘fit ships’

And that’s it and I think it’s gonna name it for us on everything super easy mode

I love it, and they’re just gonna double click on it jump right into it

And there it is guys already-fit up. We’re gonna go ahead and put our probes in there

And hey, this is a nice magnate

Alright guys. Let’s talk about

Tip number six having a super long term goal in the game once you get your bearings

Go ahead and look at the ship tree and pick the biggest baddest ship you can find as your super long-term goal

don’t immediately go for that one though because

You need to master the one before it, and I’m gonna show you exactly what I’m talking about here. We’re gonna

Go to the ship tree, which is right here. It’s like a box with an arrow pointing up

Go ahead and open that up

And I’ll show you the one that I picked so it’s gonna populate all the different races here. I started in the Amarr Empire

I’m Gallentean, but I started in Amarr

It just kind of happened that way, and I just scroll to the right here

And I was looking for the biggest baddest

mother beside the avatar

that I could find and I saw this guy and I just thought it’d look cool

Like went to the requirements at the time it was like

168 days away from you know sitting in this revelation

And I was like man this thing looks like a beast and it turns out it is a beast and I’ve used it to

Help my corporation kill

Supercarriers including it vendetta, so it’s pretty insane like it was like just a it’s a rush

It’s a huge huge rush

dropping this bad boy on somebody and turning your laser guns to them and

Hitting them for 60,000 damage a shot. It’s just nuts, but yeah once you have a goal like this

like really pushes you to

Kind of like it’s like gives you like the kind of direction that you want to go to as far as like your ship tree

but before I even sat on this and use any of the modules I

mastered the ones before it and as you can see directly behind it is this abandon the Armageddon and the

Apocalypse, so let’s go ahead and go to the abandon, so I use this guy

For a little while when I was running missions

But I I knew I needed to kind of master the basics of this before I ever sat in the Dreadnoughts

So we can kind of get a rough idea of like what our mastery level is hereby going to

These little trees here

So it has mastery level one acquired mastery level two acquired and I felt like that’s like pretty sufficient

So I say master level three. I still have seven days on that and the most important to me is this armor tanking

And it looks like that’s pretty good there, and it probably is good up to maybe even level five

And then large in your energy turrets all these are like the core skills that you’re going to need to succeed in the dreadnaughts

Yeah, just trust me when I say guys when at three percent bonus is huge

So let’s go ahead and check out what my mastery looks like for the dreadnaught the revelation

So let’s go to master level one acquired mastery level two required master level three acquired master level four still eight days

But I’m gonna work on that. I don’t know

I just love this ship to ever want to be the master of it, so if you just start expanding these trees here

It’ll kind of tell you like the basics of what you need just to use the ship’s you’re gonna need

large energy turrets at level five so like that leads into why I said master the one before it because

this guy uses large energy turrets

you are gonna need it to level five before you even train for the capital energy turrets

Which is the guns you need for the ship* and another reason why-

Armor tanking is so so important because it dictates how much damage you can take before your ship explodes

It’s important

It’s great to have a lot of HP because the more HP you have the longer you can sit on the field

to deals as much damage as you. they’re both really important damage and tanking go hand-in-hand

alright guys tip number seven

Do do not haul over a hundred million isk and a t1 Hauling ship like this. This is the bestower

It’s a cool ship and get haul a ton of stuff. So you can see here

22,000 cubic meters, that’s huge for a new player

But you can see here that I have all expanded cargo holds down here at the bottom

but what that does is- it makes my tank

Very very low, so if somebody sees that I’m hauling a hundred million isk worth of items

They will probably try to blow me up like as soon as I undock

Because they can see that I have low HP

I have a ton of money in my cargo hold and they want to get that money out of me so and even yeah

So don’t even put 100 million isk in a magnate

And try to undock it from Jita because you have a high chance of getting blown up because you can see here

the magnate has even less HP than the bestower

So if somebody sees you they’ll scan your ship

And they can tell what the contents of your ship are and they will try to blow you up immediately

So don’t undock with a lot of money in a t1 ship

But yeah segways into you know the golden rule – don’t

undock what you can’t afford to lose. don’t when you’re a new player starting out

I just see the mistakes happen and it happens so many times that I just have to tell you guys about it. Don’t

put a hundred million or more in your ship and undock and

Expect it to live very long. hey guys tip number eight

It’s trial and error PVP with little to no investment. I got a pretty simple

Execution if it pulled up here I’m gonna go through a real quick with you guys to kind of tell you how it works

Alright, so let’s start. We got the

x5 enduring stasis webified to slow your opponent ships the

J5b enduring warp scrambler to stopped an MWD and scram their ship, so they can’t warp away. We have the 1mn

monopropellant enduring afterburner just for some more speed

the small ancillary armor repair – very efficient repair module

It’ll keep you alive for a good bit of time so you can put some more damage into them

We got the damage control tech one

Heatsink tech one. We’ve got the

The best cheap pulse lasers that I could find small pulse lasers that I could find the small focus anode

Pulse particle streams, that’s quite a tongue twister there, but anyway

So I bought three of these loaded with multi-frequency crystals

and then one small ghoul compact Energy nosferatu – to

Suck some cap from them, so we can run our tank longer, but it looks like we’re not gonna have any issues

Let’s go ahead and turn it off and see what it looks like yeah so with the nosferatu running as you can see

It has 16 minutes of stability

Which is awesome so but if we turn it off is only one minute so want to have this running at all times

On our enemies, you can also put these small transverse bulkheads for some more tank while you’re

ancillary reaper catches up, but this is not required

so if you’re short for isk leave these out, and I think the total will come to

1.5 million isk

Which is a great price for this ship it can be very very effective against stuff that

comes into you in a faction warfare plex

and accidentally gets too close to you, and you web/ scram them. we have a very effective little ship

and you can just click open multi-buy here at the bottom, or you can buy everything that I’ve talked about and I’ll leave the

Fit in the description below if you want to check it out yourself

But we’ll go through one real quick. Just to show how to buy it and fit it

So make sure your once you got it. You just save it so we can reference it let make sure you know what it’s called

Okay great, so I’m just going to look at 1.5 million isk- it’s a great price and click buy

We’re gonna go to our inventory find our executioner that we just bought oh there it is to right-click multi-fit

go to simulate the executioner number one like I just named it

It’s gonna. Ask if we want our package. We’re gonna say or we want our packaging and put all the fits on it

We’re gonna say fit ships. Ok great and then

double click to hop on in and

Then go ahead and people to places and set destination to Tama

That’s the hot zone for faction warfare and PvP

Right-click on Tama set destination and head straight there and get into some PvP action. Hey guys tip number 9 ask

Questions ask a lot of questions guys if you don’t know how to do something

If you’ve already gotten to the hauler’s channel. Great! these guys love to help out

Very very knowledgeable people in here – as you can see 415 people in here. That’s awesome

The great for moving stuff great for asking questions, they’re happy

Happy to help and also you’ll have the rookie help channel if you just started, but after like a couple months

I think that they move you over to the help channel or they yeah, I think they just moving over to the regular help channel

But these guys are also awesome

755 people in here that are ready to help you basically like

there’s a bunch of people in here just like you. tons of people asking questions. You can see here like

So make questions and people answering. I don’t know people love to help in this game. It’s it’s awesome. I love to help people to

Hence why I’m making these videos, but find your way over to the help channel or haulers channel

I’ll show you a quick way to get to help channel to you if you can’t get there

After you’ve left the rookie help

So we’re gonna go to

The chat window here, we’re gonna go to channels

we are going to go to

It’ll have all this crazy-looking list we are going to help

English help or Eve University also good

We’ve touched on that a few times already in the video

And we’ll go ahead and leave it and then I’m gonna join click join here. It’s gonna

Pop me right back in there

And there’s gonna be a ton of awesome guide right in the beginning here, Rookie resources, support tickets

Known exploits all the different languages, which could be important

Just go ahead and ask your question if so nobody responds ask it again

But yeah, it should give you a pretty good response

And if all else fails go ahead and check out the support ticket here And ccp will get back to you – it alright guys

We finally made it to the last tip is to just have fun guys

Just have as much fun as you possibly can in this game. It’s a great game, great open-world game, great open-world RPG

Like what can get better than that

There are just so many different things to do. There’s like so much to learn

I know it’s gonna feel overwhelming at first, but just stick with it. There’s a huge learning curve to this game.

But if you stick with it, I promise it is awesome. It’s the best game

I’ve ever played and I have no intention of stopping play anytime soon

– you may need to take a break every once in awhile, but that’s normal

Just like any other game, just take a break and go play something else come back

And for some reason whenever you come back to this game

You just have a whole new perspective on the game. It just gets it. It just gives better and better with age. I guess

But yeah, try everything and

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes

Your ship will explode and when it does just you know, take it as a learning experience, you’re gonna learn so much

By just going out there and doing just doing it. This is my first video. I appreciate. You know you watching. I appreciate

Everything that people have done to help me in this game because it takes

You know it takes a lot of friends in this game to make it worthwhile and what gets you coming back

– is you have a great group of friends and a great community

You know sometimes it might not seem like a community is great

But I think it is comparing it to a lot of games like these guys like love to help. Once you get into a corporation

and hopefully you find the right one for you, and those guys will love to help you as well

But just go out there and make some great friends

Have as much fun as you can

I’m gonna be making tons and tons of videos, and I can’t wait to see you guys over there

And that’s all I got for you if you have any questions or

comments, please leave them in the

Comment section below. I left all my links that referred to – the eve uni link I left below

I’ll leave some other helpful links down there

be sure to check those out, but thanks guys and get out there and

Have a ton of fun

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